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Product Description

Features and Benefits of the BOC FS 125 System
BOC FS 125 is a fire suppression system which gives maximum protection without taking up much space.

Effective for Class A,B and C Fires.

Zero ozone depleting potential (ODP) giving long – term environmental sustainability.

Can be used to protect areas even where people are normally present.

Safe for people and better for the environment.

The ideal Halon replacement.

Maximum design flexibility.

Serving you locally with quality and safety as a priority guaranteed.

What makes BOC FS 125 Different ?

The system is more efficient, requiring less gas by weight than comparable products in the market place.

The system has been UL listed at operating temperatures ranging from – 18C to + 54C.

NAF S 125 is a patented formula that includes a special additive proven to reduce the amount of by products of by products being generated from a fire.